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     The goal of ultimatology is to maximize human health and the quality of human experience over the life span.  Ultimatology is a scientifically-derived philosophy and way of approaching life.  Founded in 1998 by John T. Tennison, MD, ultimatology is based on its fundamental construct of "Value of Life," (also known as VOL).  Simply put, ultimatology is the study and pursuit of the ultimate.  However, ultimatology takes into account that what is ultimate, desirable, or "the good life" is subjective.  Anyone who lives their life according to ultimalogical principles can be regarded as an ultimatologist.

     Ultimalogical medicine is the practice of medicine that emphasizes health promotion, as opposed to disease prevention.  An ultimalogical physician is someone with an M.D. or D.O. degree who specializes in the integration of medical knowledge and practice with other fields of knowledge in order to raise the quality and quantity of human life to the highest degree possible.

Additional Information

Value of Life (VOL): The Fundamental Construct of Ultimatology - a presentation by John Tennison, MD, at the University of Texas Health Science Center in San Antonio, TX, Tuesday, May 15, 2001

Glossary of Ultimalogical Terms

Core Library for Ultimatology -- Mastery of the knowledge in these sources is recommended for preparation for the ultimalogical certification exam.

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University of Texas Center for Longevity and Aging Studies -- located in San Antonio, Texas.  Since VOL (Value of Life) is derived from measures of both quality and quantity of life, this center's emphasis on longevity is relevant to ultimatology.

BLTC Research  -- This website of this organization states "BLTC Research was founded in 1995 to promote paradise-engineering.  We are dedicated to an ambitious global technology project.  BLTC seek to abolish the biological substrates of suffering. Not just in humans, but in all sentient life."  This site contains interesting perspectives on how to improve the human condition.


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