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"Texas Revelations" Single-- February, 2004 recording

Audio CD -- $1.00        

Free:  MP3 audio file (mono, lower fidelity) of Texas Revelations.  Running Time:  6 minutes.  Lyrics

"Tool Man Reel-to-Reel Archives Vol. 1" -- circa 1971

Audio CD -- $15.00           

This Audio Archive contains hilarious footage demonstrating Nonjohn's early artistic drive.  The process of making audio recordings was something that Nonjohn's father, Alfred Tennison, Jr. first encouraged.  This first Volume of the Tool Man archive documents the first instances where Nonjohn consciously chooses to make audio recordings.  The name, "Tool Man," derives from the fact that before enrolling in kindergarten, Nonjohn told his mother that he was NOT excited about going to kindergarten.  He said that instead, he just wanted to be a "Tool Man," a man who "works on things."

"Tool Man Reel-to-Reel Archives Vol. 2" -- circa 1973

Audio CD -- $15.00           

This audio volume is a continuation of actual hilarious family situations first heard in Tool Man Vol. 1.

"Tool Man Reel-to-Reel Archives Vol. 3" -- circa 1974

Audio CD -- $15.00            

This is the third and final installment in the Tool Man Series.

"Songs for Daddy" -- circa 1980

Audio CD -- $6.00              

This is an album of Nonjohn's early piano compositions that he made for his father, Alfred Tennison, Jr.

"Elmer at the Piano" -- circa 1982

Audio CD -- $15.00        

This is an album containing both original piano compositions as well as spoken words and singing by Nonjohn's imaginary character, "Elmer."  This is some raw-sounding shit.

"Keys to Success" -- released summer of 1986

Audio CD -- $15.00           

This was the first album that Nonjohn released after having purchased his first keyboard-based synthesizer (a Yamaha DX-21) while he was an exchange student in Japan in the summer of 1985.  (His first true "synthesizer" had been his Commodore 4016 P.E.T. Computer running Visible Music Monitor software/hardware from A B Computers.  However, there was no piano-style keyboard associated with this setup.  Rather, notes had to be entered in non-real-time on the QWERTY keyboard of the P.E.T. Computer.)

Click here to see titles of pieces on "Keys to Success."

"New Year's Resolution" -- released last quarter of 1987

Audio CD -- $15.00          

This album was released in the first half of Nonjohn's sophomore year in college at Johns Hopkins.

"Nine Nons Jolt Him Not" -- released in June of 1995

Audio CD -- $15.00         

This was the first album released after John Tennison adopted the name, "Nonjohn."  Album length is 69 minutes.

Click here to see titles of pieces on "Nine Nons Jolt Him Not."

Stay tuned for future Nonjohn singles and albums.  Also, stay tuned for MP3 samples from the above albums, which will soon be incorporated into the Nonjohn website.

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