Grass Route Distribution


    Grass Route Distribution is the distribution company originally formed for bringing products manufactured by Nonjohnfiction, Inc. to the public.  The first product distributed by Grass Route Distribution was the Nonjohn CD album, "Nine Nons Jolt Him Not."  This album was carried by Tower Records in the San Francisco Bay Area of Northern California.  However, since the explosion in popularity of the World Wide Web, Nonjohnficition, Inc. has elected to sell Nonjohn products directly to the public over the web.  While there is still a place for retail, hands-on record stores, we hope that you, a potential Nonjohn customer, will appreciate the savings that we are able to pass on to you as a result of not having to pay for record distribution.

    For Nonjohn products which have ergonomic attributes (such as an architectural design or a piece of furniture), Nonjohnfiction, Inc. will continue to rely on Grass Route Distribution to distribute such products to appropriate locations for try-before-you-buy convenience.

Grass Route Distribution may be contacted at: PO Box 40172, San Antonio, TX 78229.

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