Let Me Out
Lyrics and Music by Nonjohn        Copyright 1984

(ďLet Me OutĒ is on Nonjohnís 1986 ďKeys to Success Album.Ē  Nonjohn wrote this piece in 1984 during his sophomore year of high school.  The piece was first performed publicly at a talent show during Nonjohnís senior year at Texarkana Arkansas High School.)

I canít help my opinions,
Iím a victim of my knowledge,
So moderate your dominions,
Iím my own college.

My environment is my leash,
It wonít let me go.
Each of us is bound around,
This we all should know.


You can lie to yourself,
If you want to,
But you ainít fooliní me,
I ainít fooliní you.

Iíll take what you give me,
And put it on a scale,
But if it donít weigh just right,
You can go to hell.


Donít look at me strangely,
If Iím acting weird;
You might seem to me babe,
Even more queer.

Iím prepared to take you,
Just the way you are,
So come on over here right now,
We gonna go real far.


Loviní each other,
Is the place to begin;
Understanding is the key,
To these cages we are in.

I opened your door,
And let you roam about,
Now Iím asking you babe,
Will you let me out?

(End Chorus)

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