Liner Notes from Album,

"Nine Nons Jolt Him Not"

    "The closest we can come to finding the meaning of life is to discover that activity which so fully engages our consciousness that we lose awareness of the self.  Music plays a significant role in bringing me closer to this ideal."

    "I often feel uncomfortable with labels. However, if I were restricted to a single word to describe myself, I would say that I am a mystic.  More precisely, I am a neuromystic: one who believes in the connection between neurological events and mystical states of consciousness.  As a practitioner of neuromysticism, I am interested in all methods by which one might cultivate mystical states of consciousness and being."

    "Thanks to Patricia Kwon and Gunther Anderson, whose financial assistance contributed to realizing the music on this album. Special thanks to Mom and Dad for not replacing the ruptured condom."

-- Nonjohn, Stanford, California, April, 1995


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