What is a Multiman?


    A "multiman" is someone who willfully engages to the fullest extent possible in the variety of experiences that life has to offer so that the true self may become manifest.  The word, "multiman," was coined by Nonjohn when he was in the 9th grade at North Heights Junior High School in Texarkana, Arkansas.  Ever since that time, Nonjohn's Multiman philosophy has guided the course of his life.

    The related word, "comprehensivist," as used by Buckminster Fuller has a very similar meaning to "multiman."  However, the definition of "multiman" explicitly states that the purpose of the immersion in a variety of activities is to discover where one's passions lie.

    "Renaissance Man" is also a term that suggests talent in several areas. However, "multiman" suggests that one has tried or considered many things for the express purpose of discovering the true self.  Thus, while they are related terms, they are not entirely synonymous.

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