The Origin of

"Nine Nons Jolt Him Not"


    The phrase "Nine Nons Jolt Him Not" is an anagram of "John Tilmon Tennison."  This phrase is also the title of the first album that John Tennison released under the "Nonjohn" name.  The process of making this anagram is suggestive of the destruction of an old, false, or illusionary self in order to make room for a more enlightened sense of non-self.

    The phrase "Nine Nons Jolt Him Not" alludes to the Nine Nons, which are also known as the Nine Vices in Terdism.  The Nine Vices are the polar opposites of the Nine Virtues. You might say that the Nine Vices are the cardinal sins of Terdism.

    "Nine Nons Jolt Him Not" is meant to denote a life in which the Nine Vices (the Nons) have been successfully resisted, just as Christ resisted the temptations of Satan.

    One source of confusion comes from the fact that the Nine Nons are undesirable aspects of the world in which we live. However, the word Nonjohn is not meant to suggest anything undesirable, and thus "Nonjohn" is NOT considered one of the Nine Nons.

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