Nonjohn on Politics


    "I am neither 'left-wing' nor 'right-wing.'  I am neither a 'liberal' nor a 'conservative.'  I am a 'libertarian.'  Here, I use the word, 'libertarian' in the political sense, meaning one who believes in maximizing individual rights and in minimizing the role of the state, organized religion, or any other institution that would attempt to excerpt control over individuals.  Although some use the word, 'libertarian' to mean a belief in free will, I typically do not use the word in this sense.  In fact, in the broadest, most-inclusive frame of reference, I do not believe that free will exists at all.  Consequently, my lyrics in 'Cruel and Unusual Punishment' state, 'Nothing is free, not even the will.'  That is, everything is causally connected to everything else.  However, from a day-to-day, practical, and political standpoint, thinking and behaving in terms of 'free will' is desirable." -- Nonjohn

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