Nonjohn's Psychiatric Activities

    As a result of having played the "psychiatrist" in a dramatic production while he was in high school, John Tennison came to be known as "the psychiatrist" by friends and acquaintances.  The name stuck and has become one of Tennison's nicknames to this day.  The nickname was prophetic in that Tennison, who developed an interest in psychiatry while a sophomore in high school in 1984, went on to become a real-life psychiatrist.  Since Tennison was a musician, actor, and writer before ever going to medical school, he continued his artistic activities while in medical school and afterwards.  In fact, the first "Nonjohn" album was released by Tennison while he was a 2nd-year medical student at Stanford.  Moreover, Tennison sees his professional artistic practices and his professional medical practices as complementing each other.  

    Various principles from psychiatry and psychology inform the way Nonjohn lives his life and approaches his art.  However, since Nonjohn (A.K.A. John Tennison, M.D.) is also a practicing, board-certified psychiatrist, and since the practice of psychiatry is governed by state medical boards and other laws, Nonjohn practices psychiatry under the name of "John Tennison, M.D."  The website and URLs using its same server are in no way intended to be patient-recruitment websites.  No activities of the website or URLs using its same server represent the practice of medicine or psychiatry.  However, for anyone curious about John Tennison's real-life professional practice of psychiatry and intellectual activities related to psychiatry, please refer to the other websites below:                                            

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