Websites Recommended by Nonjohn

Human Survival

Armageddon Online - Although I don't personally believe in the involvement of a "God" or supreme being in directing events on Earth, this website is a nice compilation of potential disasters -- some real, some exaggerated -- that face humankind.

NASA's Near Earth Object Program - They monitor "Near Earth Objects."  This activity is as important as any other human endeavor for the survival of our species.

Protection of Your Right to Privacy and Other Personal Freedoms

One-Time Pads -- The most certain method by which anyone can regain their privacy in an era of government spying on innocent citizens.

Bruce Schneier's Solitaire Encryption Algorithm -- In an era of government spying on innocent citizens, we can move towards greater (but not perfect) privacy by using methods such as Bruce Schneier's Solitaire Encryption Algorithm.

ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union) - Fighting to uphold the Bill of Rights and protect the freedom of all Americans.

First Amendment Center - Protecting our rights to expression as guaranteed by the Bill of Rights

National Rifle Association - Specializing in upholding the 2nd Amendment rights.  Gun ownership helps decentralize power.

Center for Democracy & Technology - "Protecting free expression from censorship, and championing the right of individuals to communicate, publish, and obtain information."

Libertarian Party - The political party that supports individual liberty and personal responsibility more than any major party.

Non-Authoritarian Religion

Unitarian Universalism - A religion that doesn't tell you WHAT to believe!  If you dislike dogma, this might be the religion for you.

San Antonio, Texas Venues, Etc.

Carmens de la Calle Cafe - A non-smoking music venue and among the best places to hear live music and enjoy excellent food in San Antonio, Texas

Luna Fine Music Club - Another non-smoking music venue and also among the best places to hear live music in San Antonio, Texas

LIGHT RAIL San Antonio - A plan for a much-needed light rail system in San Antonio, TX.

Print and TV Media

Juxtapoz - An excellent modern art magazine

Link TV & Comedy Central - Two excellent Satellite/Cable TV channels.

The Simpsons - Classic American satire

Southpark - For those who like it a bit more spicy than the Simpsons, a more hard-biting cartoon satire on TV

Michael Moore & Bill Maher - Two men who offer valuable perspectives!

Chappelle's Show - This is among the best sketch-comedy satire on TV, especially on issues dealing with racism.

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