Studio        Psychosis

Studio Psychosis is the safest place for Nonjohn to be floridly psychotic without fear of being committed!

    "'Psychosis' is a word that is all too often used in a pejorative sense.  However, in using 'psychosis' in the name of my studio, I mean to emphasize a desirable 'psychosis,' an artistic diving into a sea of ideas waiting to speak volumes if only we listen." -- Nonjohn

Pictured above is a wooden mask that is prominently positioned on the wall of Studio Psychosis.

    Studio Psychosis is both a place and a state of mind.  Studio Psychosis is the studio where Nonjohn works his magic.  Studio Psychosis is Nonjohn's inner sanctum where the muses can speak without having to compete with other priorities and distractions of non-artistic living.  Studio Psychosis is Nonjohn's favorite place and state of mind in the world.  For example, if Nonjohn could choose any volume of space in the world or state of mind in which he was required to spend the rest of his life, it would be Studio Psychosis.

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