Revelator Records is the independent record label formed in the summer of 1986 by Nonjohn (A.K.A. John Tennison).  Although Nonjohn released his first two albums under the name of John Tennison, all subsequent albums have used the Nonjohn name.

   When first formed, Revelator Records was based in Texarkana, AR/TX.  Nonjohn later moved the company to Baltimore, MD; then to Los Angeles, CA; and finally to San Antonio, TX, the Cradle of Texas Liberty.  The lemniscate or "infinity" symbol is prominent in the logo of Revelator Records, suggesting that the ultimate revelation involves the infinite.

   In September of 1994, Revelator Records was subsumed by the newly formed Nonjohnfiction, Incorporated, an S-type corporation formed by Nonjohn to streamline the process of movement from concept to product.  Besides Revelator Records, divisions of Nonjohnfiction, Inc. also include Pleasure Principle Publishing (a BMI Publisher affiliate), Studio Psychosis (Nonjohn's privately-owned project studio), and Multiman Productions (Tennison's Production Company, which was also formed in 1986 at the same time as Revelator Records.  As of September, 2002, Grass Route Distribution, the distribution company for Nonjohn Products, was also subsumed by Nonjohnfiction, Inc.

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