Nonjohn's "Three Imperatives"


    Nonjohn's "Three Imperatives" are the three ACTIVITIES in which Nonjohn would engage if he had no other earthly responsibilities.  Put another way, the Three Imperatives are Nonjohn's instructions to himself of what to DO, or how to SPEND his time whenever the option of choosing how to spend his time exists.  The processes of Mysticism, Art, and Design are embodied in the Three Imperatives.  Since the first letter of each of these words yields "MAD,"  Nonjohn figuratively calls himself a "Madman."  As a reminder of the purpose of Studio Psychosis, Nonjohn's Three Imperatives are printed on the door to Studio Psychosis.

1.  Cultivate Mystical Experience

2.  Live Artistically

3.  Design Your Environment

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