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A.K.A. The Texas Jester    A.K.A. The Texas Devil        A.K.A. The Psychiatrist


    Nonjohn performs music for both the mind and the body.  Nonjohn's left-handed ostinato juggernaut and his right-handed pyroclastics create a contrapuntal, polyrhythmic texture that take Boogie Woogie piano places it has never been before.  Because of his driving, high-energy Boogie Woogie grooves, Nonjohn has been called "The Texarkana Train."  Harmonically and melodically, Nonjohn's music usually has a strong sense of tonality (musical key), and has been influenced by the melodies and phrasing of both Bluegrass and the classical music of India.  However, Nonjohn also ventures into experimental and dissonant harmonies that might sound odd to some ears.  Nonjohn's intense percussive style has been influenced by African, Arabic, Indian, and Samba drumming.  "Fricking" (an acronym for FingeR pICKING) is the word is the word used by Nonjohn to refer to his hammer-on style of solo guitar playing.  Nonjohn's lyrics focus on social critique, timeless philosophical issues, and often have a satirical edge.  Overall, the spirit of Nonjohn's music is conveyed by the freedom implied by the African Bantu word, "Mbuki Mvuki," which means to remove one's clothes in order to better dance.

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